Welcome to Manhattan Bridge!


Welcome to Manhattan Bridge!

Our goal is clear:  To provide you updates, insights and helpful idea’s to enhance your TRW licensing experience, from show selection through closing night.  We consistently strive to provide our licensee’s a greater value by sharing our collective experience and expertise.

The site has four main content areas:

Marketing Resources:  Here you will find a list of TRW’s Broadway Blockbuster titles.  Under each title, you will find a history of other theater’s unique, fun and most importantly successful marketing idea’s.  We will also provide you unique data for market segments and any additional nuggets of wisdom that may help reach your audiences.

Creative Resources: In this section we are bringing you additional production support opportunities, from a list of theatrical agencies to show specific costume and set rental opportunities.

Musical of the Month: Check out the hottest updates on the TRW shows and an inside scoop on upcoming productions, acquisitions and announcement.

Author Spotlight: In this section we spotlight a new writer, lyricists or composer.  Get to know what make them and their shows tick, along with the latest on their upcoming projects.

We hope you like our content and please contact us if you have any suggestions of items that would be helpful in your next TRW license.


Warmest regards,

Sean Cercone

Director of Professional & International Licensing


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